Sheet vinyl flooring for exhibit spaces

When it comes to setting the stage for an impactful and memorable exhibit or trade show space, the flooring you choose can make all the difference. At McNabb Exhibit Flooring, we specialize in curating the finest sheet vinyl flooring options specifically tailored for exhibit environments. Discover sheet vinyl's transformative potential and discover why it’s the go-to choice for many trade show professionals worldwide.

What is sheet vinyl flooring?

Sheet vinyl flooring is a resilient option made from a single roll of vinyl. Unlike vinyl tiles or planks, which come in individual pieces, vinyl sheet provides a seamless and uniform look. It's designed with multiple layers, each playing a pivotal role: a wear layer on top for protection, a printed design layer beneath, followed by a vinyl core, and often, a backing for added cushion and insulation.

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Benefits of sheet vinyl flooring for trade show spaces


  1. Seamless appearance: The continuous, uninterrupted surface of sheet vinyl ensures that your exhibit space has a sleek, professional look. This smooth appearance can enhance the aesthetics of your display, creating an inviting environment for visitors.

  2. Durability: Trade shows and exhibits can see high foot traffic, making it essential to have a flooring option that can withstand wear and tear. The wear layer on sheet vinyl flooring provides a durable surface resistant to scratches, scuffs, and stains, ensuring your space remains pristine throughout the event.

  3. Easy installation and removal: Setting up and tearing down exhibit spaces requires efficiency. Sheet vinyl flooring is quick to install and can be removed without leaving behind residue or damage to the subfloor. Its flexibility means it can be rolled up and transported with ease, ready for the next show.

  4. Versatile design options: With advanced printing techniques, sheet vinyl flooring comes in various designs, patterns, and colors. Whether you want a wood, stone, metallic, or custom printed design, there’s a sheet vinyl to complement your exhibit's theme perfectly.

  5. Cost-effective: Vinyl sheet offers an affordable flooring solution for businesses looking to make a significant impact without breaking the bank. Its longevity and resilience mean you get excellent value for your investment.

  6. 6. Comfort: Those operating the booths at trade shows know the importance of comfort. Sheet vinyl flooring provides a cushioned surface that's easy on the feet. Moreover, its insulative properties ensure the exhibit space remains temperate, adding to the comfort of both exhibitors and visitors.

  7. Easy maintenance: In the bustling environment of a trade show, you don’t want to be bogged down by complicated floor maintenance. Sheet vinyl is easy to clean. Spills can be wiped away effortlessly, and regular sweeping or mopping will keep it looking its best.


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For those in the business of creating compelling exhibit spaces, the choice of flooring can greatly influence the ambiance and functionality of your display. Sheet vinyl flooring, with its myriad benefits, emerges as a top contender. At McNabb Exhibit Flooring, we're proud to offer top-tier sheet vinyl flooring solutions that cater exclusively to exhibit and trade show needs. Our showrooms in Las Vegas, NV, serve Milford, MI, Las Vegas, NV, and Dalton, GA. We offer free samples! Call today!