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Flooring installation for exhibit and trade show spaces

When it comes to creating a standout presence at exhibit spaces and trade shows, the foundation of your display matters. At McNabb Exhibit Flooring, we specialize in providing top-notch flooring solutions tailored specifically for exhibit and trade show spaces. Through years of expertise, we've curated two unparalleled systems: expo flooring systems and raised flooring. Each serves unique functions and purposes, ensuring that every trade show appearance you make leaves a lasting impression. Dive deeper into our flooring installation offerings and discover the perfect fit for your exhibit space.

Expo flooring systems: the pinnacle of strength

Our expo flooring systems are the go-to solution for exhibit spaces that demand the utmost durability, especially when showcasing heavy machinery.

Unmatched load-bearing capacity: Our expo flooring systems boast of one of the highest load-bearing capacities in the industry. From the weight of towering forklifts to the bulk of heavy-duty equipment, this flooring type is engineered to withstand it all without a hint of strain.

Designed for heavy traffic: Beyond just the weight, trade shows are bustling activity zones. Our expo flooring system ensures that frequent foot traffic, rolling carts, and moving equipment do not erode the integrity or aesthetics of the floor.



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Raised flooring: versatility and elegance combined

Elevate the allure of your exhibit space with our raised flooring options. This flooring type is designed to emphasize functionality and aesthetic appeal and is robust and customizable.

Choose your height: Our raised flooring system offers various height options, depending on the nature of your display or the emphasis you wish to bring to specific sections. This flexibility ensures that your display remains as dynamic and interactive as you envisioned.

Tailored to your specifications: No two exhibit spaces are the same, and neither should be the flooring solutions. Our raised flooring systems come with diverse customization properties. Our flooring installers will work closely to materialize your vision, whether you're aiming for a specific texture, pattern, or finish.

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  • Industry-leading expertise: We've honed our craft over the years, ensuring that every flooring installation we undertake meets the highest standards of quality and precision.

  • Dedicated support: From selection to installation and post-installation care, our dedicated flooring company is always on hand to assist you every step of the way.

  • Eco-friendly solutions: We believe in sustainable business practices. Our flooring installation solutions are durable, attractive, and environmentally conscious.

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In the world of exhibit spaces and trade shows, where every detail matters, trust McNabb Exhibit Flooring to lay down the foundation for your success. Our showrooms in Las Vegas, NV, serve Milford, MI, Las Vegas, NV, and Dalton, GA. We have flooring installers throughout the country. We also do many hard surface installs on the show floor that other flooring companies won't do.

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